·         Skilled and experienced IT security consultant with a proven track record in operations and infrastructure security—experienced in design for confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA); risk assessment; monitoring and enforcement of security policies in corporate, government, and web application environments; infrastructure monitoring and incident response.

·         Currently holding DoD secret and DHS EOD (Entry on Duty) security clearances.

·         History of analyzing complex systems and delivering solutions on-time and within specified budget.

·         Eclectic skill set including: computer control systems; hardware design and integration; computer simulation (both physical and economic policy modeling); database design; network design; planning and execution of data center moves; security audit; risk analysis; disaster prevention and recovery planning; and project management.

·         Experience with writing cross-platform shell scripts (sh, bash, ksh, csh, etc.)

·         Adept at communicating with both executive and technical teams while reconciling business and IT technical objectives.



IT Security Assessment • System and Network Design for High-Availability • IT Infrastructure Planning • Data Center Moves • Project Management • Disaster Prevention and Recovery Planning • Ability to Reconcile Business and Engineering Objectives • Working with Vendors • Hardware Integration • Capacity Planning


CSC/CSGOV/CSRA, Bossier City, LA                                                           8/2014-Present

·         Information Systems Security Advisor for CSRA.

·         Senior security resource in Enterprise Management Operations Center (EMOC) identifying and addressing systems security threats as they occur globally.

·         Monitor and proactively maintain security systems and software in data centers, remote locations and on end-user systems located around the world.

·         Investigate and report on anomalous network traffic

·         Act as subject matter expert (SME) for F5 load balancers and as technical lead when needed on bridge calls with the system restoration team (SRT).

·         Mentor other team members, create and maintain tools to improve workflow

·         Requires Secret clearance, TSA/DHS EOD clearance, and CISSP certification.


Agree Systems, Baton Rouge, LA                                                                 11/2011-3/2015                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           2010 to Present

·         Senior Systems Administrator for the eDiscovery project for the State of Louisiana litigation of the Deepwater Horizon disaster – ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data collected and secure decommissioning of collection devices.

·         Scope of the project required accessing servers, storage systems, backup media, workstations, laptops, tablet devices, cellular communications devices, and pagers of all affected departments to securely collect and protect data required by the Court. 

·         Accessed systems state-wide in a secure manner, interfacing with multiple agencies and departments, adhering to privacy rules and regulations (including HIPPA),  managing data encryption, data transportation, access, and secure destruction of storage media.

·         Louisiana Deportment of Public Safety clearance required

Abacus Solutions Group, San Antonio, TX                                                12/2010-5/2011                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           2010 to Present

·         Senior Systems Administrator protecting medical records for an entire branch of the military being expanded to handle records for all branches.

·         Securing HP‑UX, MS Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating environments to meet Department of Defense (DoD) standards for HIPPA data.

·         Planning, documenting, and configuring Lights-Out-Management (LOM) services for Dell and HP servers, including blade servers

·         DoD Secret Security Clearance and CISSP required for this project.

LiveWorld, Inc., San Jose, CA                                                                           8/2006-8/2010                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           2010 to Present

·         Senior Systems Administrator/Security Officer and occasionally acting Director of Operations

·         Developed corporate and operations IT security policies.

·         Server, network, and infrastructure design for availability, integrity, and confidentiality.  Monitored and controlled critical services.

·         Data center design, planning and execution of moves.

·         Development of tools for cluster management and monitoring.

·         Security Audit, Incident Response, Rules/Policies for routers, firewalls, load-balancers, and intrusion prevention devices.

·         Performed vulnerability analyses and worked with software engineers to keep Java-based web applications secure.

·         Worked with client security teams and contractors performing penetration testing on the web applications hosted on our infrastructure.

·         Troubleshooting and configuration assistance for complex DNS and e-mail infrastructure.

·         Minimum client SLA required maintaining 99.95% uptime on critical systems.

·         Passed CISSP certification exam while acting as security officer.

LSU CAMD, Baton Rouge, LA                                                                           9/2003-8/2006                                                                                                                                                                                                2008-2010                  The Louisiana state government auditing agency                                                                                        Chief Information Officer

·         Full-time LSU staff position—I always worked full time while attending college. 

·         Completed requirements for BSIE degree.

·         Completed LSU Center for Internal Audit program

·         Allowed me to maintain IT skills while using knowledge of electronic test equipment, control systems, math, chemistry, and physics.  Also performed consulting engagements through my own company during that time.

·         IT technology courtesy of Red Hat and the Star Wars defense project—SCADA.

County of Santa Clara Social Services Agency                                         1/2001-12/2001

·         Senior IT Consultant directly managing Unix and Microsoft contractors and, through appropriate channels, County Network Manager.  Responsible for primary data center and 52 remote sites—critical networked systems.

·         Performed analyses of network vulnerability and risk analysis for disaster prevention and recovery.

·         Formed and lead Incident Response Team—this agency only had 2 hours limited Internet access while other County networks were down for 3 days due to NIMDA attack on 9/18.  No production servers were compromised and only 10 workstations of over 3000 required remediation.

·         Used tools designed for DoD for analysis of security vulnerabilities. 

Talk City, Inc., Campbell, CA                                                                             7/2000-1/2001                                   2003-2004                                      The Louisiana state government auditing agency                                                                                                    IT Auditor

·         Senior Systems Administrator

·         Responsible for designing and implementing high-availability platforms for the most critical services to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility (CIA).

·         Designed, built, tested, and monitored servers configured for Veritas Cluster Server to support Oracle databases using Sun servers and raid systems.

·         Monitored and remotely controlled systems and services

·         Management of SAN hardware supporting web applications, chat network, and hosting of all MSN personal web pages.

·         Proprietary technology used to extend Windows Servers OS to support 6.5M users and to cluster MS Exchange Chat services.

·         Network infrastructure based on Cisco, Foundry, NetApp and F5 Big IP family supporting OS technology from Sun, Microsoft, Veritas, and Oracle.

USinternetworking, Inc., Milpitas, CA                                                              4/2000-7/2000                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    2003                                         .                                                                                                       IT Security Consultant

·         Consulting Engineer for the E-Business Services Group (ESG) maintaining confidentiality, integrity, and availability for non-standard customers.

·         First and largest application service provider (ASP), operating an ISO 9001 shop

·         ESG was based in Annapolis and handled clients with non-standard (read complex) environments—I was their representative on the West Coast.

·         My specific clients were Intralinks, Niku, and Sony, but I worked with other projects including the FedEx/Kinkos site hosted by USi.

·         Projects used Cisco network hardware, RadWare load balancers, large EMC storage systems (100+TB), Sun servers, Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) and Veritas File System (VFS) software, Resin, and Oracle servers.

·         Found vulnerabilities in VCS clusters; designed and managed changes executed simultaneously in multiple data centers to correct the deficiencies.

·         Participated in first integration of VCS cluster to support Seibel database.

·         Worked with Niku engineering team to correct problems in their network affecting VPN communications—other problems were resolved using a network sniffer and working with the USi security team.

·         Worked with USi and Sony development team on Sony’s first e-commerce project.

·         Network monitoring and control – high-availability critical systems

Advanced Office Systems, Baton Rouge, LA                                               6/1995-8/1997                                                                                                                                                                                                            2002-2003                                  A leading data center, disaster recovery and internet services provider.                                                         MIS Director

·         Managed Unix and Microsoft Projects for the Digital Services Division of AOS, providing consulting services in mixed network environments.

·         Planned and managed network and server migration for a Super Fund hazardous waste site—challenges included a 45-second window for cut-over to avoid EPA fines—a significant confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) challenge.

·         Secured the internal network for a regional insurance company.

·         Designed and securely integrated high-speed printing systems into billing office for several hospitals for HICFA insurance forms (HIPPA data security).

·         Identified and corrected integrity and availability issues for a state-wide home health client.  Addressed other CIA issues for other hospital remote sites.

·         Obtained MCSE certification.

Louis J. Capozzoli & Associates                                                                         1990-5/1995

·         IT Manager for a small geotechnical engineering firm

·         Managed confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) for projects including software migration, laboratory data collection, accounting conversion, hazardous sample tracking, and specialized reporting.

·         Risk assessments were performed, Disaster Prevention and Recovery Plans were developed, Backup procedures were implemented, data lines were protected with surge protectors I designed and built, and UPS systems were installed to condition and provide backup power.  Test plans were developed and implemented.

·         Disaster Prevention Plans performed well when tested by several hurricanes and a tornado—recovery was not required.

·         Supported other clients through my private practice during this time.

RdeT Enterprises, L.L.C., Baton Rouge, LA                                               1/1980-present

·         Formed as a single-proprietorship 1980, the entity was changed to a Limited Liability Company in 1997.  It has served clients desiring a contractor relationship rather than hiring an employee.  Certain engagements were done to obtain CEU credit needed to maintain certifications.

·         Experience includes risk analysis; network/system security audit; disaster prevention and recovery planning; and project management. 

·         Clients have ranged from small architectural and contracting firms, lobbying groups, and retail companies to government agencies and large chemical companies.

·         One of the outstanding features of the services provided is the ability to integrate business and technical requirements.

Interactive Computer Systems, Baton Rouge, LA                                       6/1977-1/1980                                                                                                                                                                                                            2002-2003                                  A leading data center, disaster recovery and internet services provider.                                                         MIS Director

·         Production Manager for an OEM of Digital Equipment Company, producing full 3‑D CADD systems.

·         Responsibilities included hardware and system design, manufacturing, program maintenance, technical documentation, software development, technical support, and implementation of training programs.

·         Worked with clients and vendors in the US and Europe.  Provided assistance to both clients and vendors to improve the end-user experience. 

·         Attended Louisiana State University during this time.

·         Left to form my own consulting firm in January 1980.

U.S. Navy                                                                                                                9/1972-5/1977                                                                                                                                                                                                2002-2003                                  A leading data center, disaster recovery and internet services provider.                                                         MIS Director

·         Finished training as a Missile Fire Control Technician months ahead of schedule while attaining the second highest score at completion.

·         Served as Senior Missile Fire Control Technician aboard the USS Saratoga for three years; was also the divisional security officer, responsible for security of classified documents.

·         Maintained highest uptime statistics in the Atlantic fleet.

·         As the Fire Control Systems Coordinator, I carried the keys to the ship’s defensive weapon systems, designated targets, and (when command-by-negation was in force) made decisions on whether to fire on unidentified targets.

·         This position required a DoD Secret security clearance.

·         Vietnam-era veteran with an honorable discharge.


·         Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, Louisiana State University

·         LSU Center for Internal Audit Program / passed all four parts of CIA exam

·         NRA Instructor Training, Certified to teach First Steps and Basic Courses for Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun; Certified Refuse To Be A Victim® Instructor; State of Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permit Instructor

·         ISC2 CISSP

·         USENIX The World Wide Web Seminar: Designing and Building Your Enterprise World Wide Web Server

·         SCO ACE Certification

·         Microsoft MCSE

·         IBM authorization training in Advanced Scientific Product and Local Area Network Product lines.

·         USN, two years, Electronic systems maintenance and repair.


·         ISC2

·         ISACA

·         NRA

·         State of Louisiana CHL instructor


Operation Environments (PARTIAL)

Current Environment

Large, mixed environment providing global security support for a Federal Government agency using technology from F5, Cisco, Symantec, IBM, Microsoft, McAfee and many others.

eDiscovery Environment

Various appliances using VMWare and clustered Linux applications securely access state-wide heterogeneous network for eDiscovery; wide range of server/device and OS combinations

ASP Environment

High-volume, Java-based social media platform hosted on Apple, HP, and Sun servers in a multi-tiered, load balanced, secure configuration. Application clustering and monitoring. Over 1200 devices /services monitored to maintain an SLA of 99.95% for web application services. Solaris, OS X, Linux, MySQL

Web Environment

Over 30 Sun enterprise-class servers ranging from 220-R through E-4500 run Solaris 2.7 using Veritas VM on critical systems.  Sun storage products include D1000, A3500 and D5200 configured for various levels of redundancy.  Designed for migration to Veritas VCS.  NetApp storage appliances.

Personal Computers:


PC-DOS to current Microsoft Server/Workstation OS, AIX, OS‑X, Unix, Linux,  and Xenix OS; Microsoft Office; Microsoft Exchange; "C", FORTRAN, VBS, VBA, and Macro-Assembler; TCP/IP and MS-SNA Server; and various communication products.



Unix, Linux, AIX, Solaris, OS X Regulus, VMS, RT-11, RSTS, RSX-11, and AOS operating systems running on equipment from AT&T, DEC, Data General, IBM, Sun and others; Veritas file system, VM, and VCS; EMC and NetApp storage systems; VCS; Database products MySQL, Informix, Oracle, and Unify; 4GL: PRO-IV and Accell; Programming languages including "C" and FORTRAN; Shell scripting in sh, bash, ksh (korn shell), csh (C shell) plus some Perl; Network protocols including TCP/IP, uucp and DECNET; VMWare; and various communication products.



MVS, VM, GCOS, and Unix running on equipment from IBM, Honeywell, Sperry, Sun, Oracle and others; Programming languages including FORTRAN, COBOL, and Assemblers; Applications range from economic and statistical analysis to automated traffic management via personal computers emulating IBM 3278 terminals.